Rectory Farm has been in the Strange family for 4 generations. Having traditionally been a mixed farm with Cattle and Pigs, the last two decades has seen a concentration on growing arable crops. Although the main farm is in the pretty village of Bosham, crops are grown anywhere within a 5 mile radius of this. The farm belongs to a local co-operative grain store and all the harvested grain is taken there to be stored and marketed.

The farm’s major crop is milling wheat which is grown to satisfy a local bread-making contract.  We are reliant on the weather to be able to produce a product to meet the stringent demands of the millers. Any wheat failing to make the grade, will be downgraded for animal feed. We do also grow a proportion of wheat for biscuit making.

Oilseed rape is harvested for its oil content and has become increasingly popular as a cooking oil as well as inclusion in mayonnaise and margarine. You may be familiar with seeing the bright yellow fields in the Spring months.

Barley is grown on the farm for the animal feed market but spring varieties are also more lucrative premiums are available if the grain can make a specification suitable for the brewing of beer, by producing a malt extract.

Peas are produced for human consumption. They are harvested dry in August despite many people commiserating with us that our peas must have ‘died’. This enables them to be combinable and it is only later in the process that they are rehydrated and coloured to resemble the marrowfats that you will be familiar with.

Milling Oats are grown and predominantly used in breakfast cereals.

Potatoes are also produced on the farm, but these do belong to another local farmer. We are happy to rent out a proportion of land each year as potatoes provide a good crop in the farm’s rotation.

In order to supplement the farm’s income we have long grown grass for hay and haylage. We are (usually!) able to fill our barns before harvest gets fully underway. It provides us with a steady stream of work and revenue through the winter months. Our grass is closely managed and weed free, providing a top quality product for our customers. We also offer a delivery service.

We produce a range of conventional hay and straw bales to suit your animal’s needs.  High quality haylage and large hay bales are also in stock.

Hay – £3/4/5 – Depending on quality

8ft Hay (360kg) – £50

Quadrant Hay (500kg) – £70

Wheat / Barley Straw – £2.50

3ft Haylage (200kg) – £30

5ft Haylage (350kg) – £45

Delivery charge subject to location and amount ordered

Contact: Alastair (07808915566)